The Columns of the Temples are named after God.

After 900 years of the Creation of the Priory of Sion and the Poor Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem. Humanity has involved, falling into maximum immorality, selfishness, decided towards others and the corruption of Religious and Political Leaders.

It is necessary and imminent to form the New Priory of Xion (N P X) and the New Military and Religious Order of the Noble Knights of the Southern Crux.

Summoning the Holy Trinity, the 12 tribes of Israel, the 33 Kings of the World, the Templar Orders, the Free and accepted Brothers Masons and Illuminatti.


It is necessary to form the foundations of the New Church at the World level, the same of its beginnings in the Third Century, where priests worked and formed their families. They did NOT possess other images; Only that of Christ. They did not create false Prophets, Neither Antichrist, Nor the Golden Calf was worshiped.- Religion should not be involved in Politics.
We must write the New Bible.

Decrease the total number of Politicians in their three (3) Powers; Executive, Legislative and Judicial; and in its three (3) levels; Municipal / City Hall. Provincial and National. Eliminate the Embassies / Consulates of each country, outside its territory. Implement United Nations Offices in Each Country: for Procedures concerning International Level (Laws - Passport - Driver Registration - Medical and Social Assistance).

Before the imminent collapse of the Financial and Monetary System. Implement New Digital Currency, of equal value on the face of the Earth.
As it was used in the Egyptian civilization.-